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Second Half Open Comment Thread: Alright, Alright, Alright

Hurricane Matthew Approves of the Georgia First Half Performance.

Chubb for Heisman!
Chubb for Heisman!
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all I really want to be excited at the shut-out we're pitching in the first half but man we did that last week with UT and they sure bit us in the backside in the end.

Now for your first half stats:

Not seeing so much of Eason's cannon arm this week.  He's 3/13 and 14 total yards.  He may not be completing his passes, but he hasn't been intercepted.  Could it be that our whole plan today was RTDB?

Rushing stats 4 players, 29 runs, 195 total yards. Chubb and Michel are splitting rock toting duty.  Looks like Eason's throwing the ball just enough to keep SCar from selling out to the run.  We have 12 first downs to their 3.

In total we have 209 yards of offense to SCar's 108.  Our time of possession: 20:25 theirs, 9:35.  That's what happens when they turn the ball over voluntarily 3 times in the first half.  If they keep that up, this could end well for us.

On the other hand, we're winning the penalties race with 5 for 43 yards to their 3 for 35.  That needs to stop immediately.  I sure hope Kirby's explaining this concept in the locker room and I don't care what kind of language he uses to get it across, just make sure there aren't any hot mics first k?

Here's praying for a healthy team & a solid win when time expires!