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First Half Open Comment Thread: Just go with it.

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Does this feel weird? It feels weird. This is most assuredly the first non-bowl that Georgia has played on a Sunday in my time following the team. It’s a departure from the normal routine, something that football coaches (who thrive on routine and chase it with a near- religious devotion) cannot stand.

There’s been a lot of discussion about whether either team benefits from the weird events of the weekend. I don't know that there's an appreciable advantage to be gained in any of this. Sure, the crowd in Columbia is likely to be more subdued than a 7:30 crowd on a cloudless night.

But I think a more distinct advantage may be that Georgia uprooted from Athens on Saturday, traveled to Columbia, and took up residence at a cloistered judicial training center. Why is that an advantage? Focus. Some teams benefit from going on the road and getting away from the distractions of campus life. And I sense this UGA team, especially following last week’s heart breaker might be one of those teams. We’ll find out soon enough.

Go ‘Dawg!!!