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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Tennessee v Georgia
Oh... so THAT is how you sack a QB!!!
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Its another game week prepping for a divisional SEC opponent, but Should We Talk About the Weather? Fine, fine, fine. Our resident metereologist DaveTheDawg tries to keep you updated on what’s happening in the Carribbean. If you’re located in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Florida, you’re well aware that Matthew is out there churning up the eastern coast. It’s a moving target, literally, but here’s the latest Columbia weather . I’d like to give you a link to the official statement from Butts-Mehre, but that doesn’t exist yet, other than the game is currently on schedule as of this posting. There is speculation about moving the game to Athens, and even to the Georgia Dome.

UGA vs. South Carolina has already been postponed, in both equestrian and women’s volleyball that is. The LSU @Florida game is also being considered for postponement. But South Carolina State has already announced it won’t play Saturday, and Wednesday’s classes at South Carolina are cancelled, with Thursday and Friday expected to follow suit. But while UGA isn’t saying anything, others are pretty sure it won’t be in Columbia. I’m certain there will be an announcement in the next 24 hours.

Weather aside, there’s lots of questions around the UGA football program, some related to actual performance on the field, but thank goodness we don’t have to worry about how to schedule around the playoffs. P.S. Bonus shade at Georgia Tech in the same article.

Georgia practiced Tuesday with some allowances for rain, using wet balls for the quarterbacks, and emphasizing technique for the defensive linemen. Hey, can’t hurt I guess.

Nick Chubb is looking good for Saturday, he practiced again Tuesday in a regular jersey, and the running back depth chart is up to full strength. Reggie Carter may or may not be in the concussion protocol.

And it looks like South Carolina is getting healthy too, returning two wide receivers just in time for the Georgia game. But we won’t know who will start under center for the Gamecocks, as Will Muschamp is being cagey.

If you’re too young to remember, Will Muschamp was once a Bulldog**, just like Kirby Smart. And they were on the team at the same time, and Smart basically followed Muschamp around the coaching circles from 2000-2005. Friendly though they be, and as similar as their career paths appear, I’m not sure the UGA fanbase regards them equally.

The Ryder Cup and the PGA Tour season may be over, but there are still collegiate ‘Dawgs playing golf. Mr. Sanchez will bring you all the juicy details later in Between the Hedges, but [Spoiler Alert]: there’s good news out there. And as always...


**There is a question if we have actually vacated this from the record books. Neither side seems too proud of his time in Athens.