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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

East Carolina v South Carolina
Will Muschamp is slowly morphing into an angrier Jerry Glanville and that’s hilarious.
Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/ Getty Images

Here’s what’s making news this morning in Bulldog Nation.

After reviewing the tape, Coach Smart said yesterday that every Georgia player on the field for the final play “executed their job”. Full disclosure: I have reviewed it over and over and I have to agree with him. Should one of the Bulldog players simply interfered with receiver Jauan Jennings, dragging him to the ground? Maybe. But the game can’t end on a defensive penalty. So that’s only a temporary reprieve.

Should Lorenzo Carter have taken up position in front of Jennings? Maybe, but it wasn’t as if he ran down and stood there. Instead Carter found himself walled off by mostly red-clad defenders. In the end Jennings timed his jump perfectly and Josh Dobbs put the ball right on the money. It was, in the end, a miracle play.

These shirts make me so, so sad. Also if I were a Tennessee fan I would probably buy one, and if that touchdown to Riley Ridley had turned out to be the game winner, you’d best believe we’d have printed up a diagram of it for tee shirts, koozies, coffee mugs, and adorable Tennessee-gutting baby onesies.

But life moves on.

Nick Chubb was back at practice Monday, and wasn't in a non-contact jersey. That’s about the best thing that’s happened in Athens since about 7:14 p.m. Saturday night. Assuming that Hurricane Matthew doesn’t delay the Dawgs’ shot at redemption for another week, having Chubb available could be a great way to steady the Bulldog offense, especially since Jacob Eason is looking ever more ready to win games with his arm.

Maurice Smith is pleased with his decision to transfer from Alabama to Georgia, and so am I.

Jonathan Ledbetter may be back after the South Carolina game, though the defensive line he’ll join is a good bit more seasoned than it was when Ledbetter was running with the ones in preseason camp.

Georgia will kick off next week’s Homecoming game at noon on the SEC Network, which is definitely not a recipe for lackluster fan support, tepid effort, and impending disaster. Nope, not even a little bit.

Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!