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Sunday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

We are now deep into the abyss, and squint at the faint light of bowl eligibility.

Florida v Georgia
We probably lost yardage on this play.
Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

I listened to the game driving back from Washington D.C, so I don’t have quite the perspective to lend. Therefore your daily dose of news from the Dawgdom will be short, just like the Georgia Bulldog punting game.

The link to Coach Kirby Smart’s post-game press conference is basically imbedded on the front page (scroll down just past the main bylines, and you will see videos including Player post-game interviews). Forgive me for not being able to give you a dedicated link to each one.

Not only did we lose, we lost good players during the course of the game. Of the three injuries that seemed the most serious, it appears that 2 of the 3 may not result in more missed time. I hope not for Ridley, as I like his future in our WR corps.

We all know this is a team game, but if you’d like to hear a bit more on the offensive line, the Red & Black has an article to whet your whistle. It was either that, or another article breaking down the offensive stats, and I think we all know where that stands.

But if you do want to go through all the numbers:


Red & Black

Athens Banner Herald

Macon Telegraph

I warn you that they all contain the same elements: loss to Florida, which was expected, an historic low rushing output, coupled with very poor field position, fighting against a stout Florida defense, which had a tremendous punter, and our defense held up reasonably well.

There will be more things coming especially in the way of analysis. We’ll see you soon, and as always...