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Season 1 Volume 9 | Florida vs UGA

Georgia v Florida

Not a ton to say this week. No game last week that necessitates praise or panic. Just a nice off week to relax, watch other teams and bathe in a deep rooted empty void. I’ll jump into two quick things I wanted to talk about.

1. Nerd RA’s

You have seen a quick initial glance at how Kirby will handle disciplinary issues moving forward. If you aren’t charged, you play. And that is how it should be. Georgia would have been absolutely gashed at the ILB position had the lost Roquan Smith and Natrez Patrick to a suspension for marijuana. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh or immoral but what kind of nerds do we have over at ECV at the player dorms. You thought you smelled weed? Well isn’t that convenient because none was found in the room. Come on man they are in college, keep it moving.

I don’t smoke pot but I also don’t feel the need to report people who (allegedly) do. Especially when those people are in college and serve as our modern day gladiators every Saturday. I know there are those of you that take a hard stance on disciplinary issues and I don’t blame you. I just have a different approach. We all did stupid things in college at times and I won’t hold players to a different standard than myself. Maybe I am wrong in that regard, but the good news here is no arrests, no punishments.

I’m sure I will have to deal with at least one person in the comments and to him I respond with this.

2. Jarvis Jones and Herschel Walker against Florida

How unreal were these two against Florida? Jarvis Jones has unquestionably the best aggregate performances against any single team since I’ve been alive. I declared this on twitter and was quickly reminded of how dominant Herschel was against the Gators as well. My bad, wasn’t alive yet. Here are the numbers:

Jarvis Jones

· 2 games, 2 wins

· 18 tackles

· 8TFL

· 8 Sacks

· 2 FF, 2 FR

Herschel Walker

· 3 games, 3 wins

· 649 yards

· 9 TD’s

· Ga/FL Hall of Fame

It may have been a bit easier to star at RB but both of these careers against Florida are absolutely nuts to think about. Who ya got? Both DGD’s

II. Florida Preview

I think this game is all about matchups. Sure, both teams will be rested off of a bye week and I guarantee you that Georgia does not come out flat. They have too much to prove. But as all the initial energy begins to fade away and matchups begin to dominate the game, here is where the advantages will be.

Georgia Run Game vs Florida Front 7

Advantage: Florida

A stellar D-Line with tremendous size will be tough for Georgia to move in the trenches. I expect to see continued use of eye candy motion and misdirection to allow Georgia to open up any sort of running lane due to the aggressiveness of the Florida front 7. Bryan Cox, Brantley, Ivie and Cece Jefferson are going to be tough guys to maneuver. I expect Georgia to use influence blocking a decent amount. Chaney utilized this at Arkansas even with some of the behemoths he had there. This won’t be anything new in the Georgia offense but I am sure it was emphasized in game planning this week. Florida aggressiveness early could allow Georgia to break open a few big running plays if linemen can get to the second level and block some talented inside linebackers. The health of Jarrad Davis could be a major factor in this game. As is often the case when matching the Georgia OL and opponent DL’s, Florida has more talent here

Georgia TE’s vs Florida Linebackers

Advantage: Georgia

I phrased this as TE vs LB for a reason. Clearly, there will be times when safeties man up TE’s. But when Florida is not manning TE’s, Georgia should have an advantage in the short passing game. I will get to Florida’s corners in a minute but they are a very talented bunch. I expect a lot of two TE formations to create passing threats covered by someone other than the corners. The more Nauta, Blazevich and Woerner in this game, the better.

Georgia WR’s vs Florida Secondary

Advantage: Florida

A very average group of wide receivers meets one of the most talented secondary’s in the country. Georgia WR’s must create space against Tabor, Quincy Wilson and Marcus Maye. Reggie Davis needs to be a deep threat. Wait Brooks, I though you said last week that younger players should fill the shoes of older guys without much to give”. And they should but Reggie Davis is a true deep threat. His vertical ability could be a factor in freeing up some space between the rest of the WRs and this secondary group. Tough matchup here, don’t fall behind early and have to abandon the run game completely or it could be a very long game.

Florida Run Game vs Georgia Front seven

Advantage: Georgia

Close one but I like Georgia’s young DL and consistent LB play over a young Florida OL. Scarlett is emerging at RB but he is nothing compared to having to deal with Gillislee, Matt Jones and Kelvin Taylor over the past few years. Georgia’s DL has to be one of the most encouraging parts of this team. Ledbetter played very well in his return. His return allows for some really good experienced depth at a position where it is crucial. Keep flying under the radar as one of this team’s best players big Trent.

Florida Passing Game vs Georgia Secondary

Advantage: Florida

Del Rio threw 3 picks in his return from injury against Mizzou and the Gators still put up over 500 yards. The defense really helped him the score with 2 pick six’s. Callaway and the other Gator WRs present some problems from a group that has played under expectations this year. If Deandre Baker can play, you are in better shape than if Juwuan Briscoe has to see minutes. He has no confidence right now

Special Teams

Advantage: Florida

I give the edge to Florida based on their kicker (who hit from 53 last week). Rodrigo showed signs that he has actually kicked before, so that was a positive. And I fully assume that whatever teams Florida trots onto the field on both kickoff and kickoff return have played better than Georgia this year. The lowest of bars. If you want a shot at this game, this post game write up has to read Advantage Georgia here. You may not need a TD but you need every bit of field position you can get.

III. SEC Predictions

IV. Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Rough weekend man. “The Bear” on college gameday stole my damn juju. Dude was like 3-9 the first few weeks of the season and is on an absolute heater since. Still really unpleasant to look at and severely under dressed for that show though so stick with me. We are gonna get it back on track this week. My bank account and honeymoon budget depend on it. 1-3 last week. UNC are my ride or dies preventing me from my first 0-4 week ever. I’m done with Over/Under’s. They are Vegas demons. Overall record still stands at 17-15

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week Season Portfolio Value: +$200

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