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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Amen, brother & sisters!
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

RedCrake already has provided your schedule for the weekend, and HNDawg has provided context with the national rankings. And we’ve even got Executive Chef of Ceramics haagen dawgs giving you details on serving up a game day feast.

It’s a new morning in the Bulldog Nation, so let’s get right down to all the news that’s fit to put in a Georgia Bulldog football, bourbon, barbecue, and Oxford comma blog.

Enough about football already, let’s talk some Hoop Hounds! For those who complain about empty seats at the Steg, there’s at least one game that is already sold out. Only about 17 more to go!!

Enough about basketball already, let’s talk some football! Skipping the discussion on my attention deficit, of course.

You know it’s Hate Week. I know it’s Hate Week. We also know it’s the WLOCP. But the SEC Network decided to investigate further, as SEC Nation will pontificate from outside EverBank Field this Saturday. It didn’t turn out so well the last time we saw them, as they came to Athens October 1 for the Tennessee game.

Tuesday’s practice yielded some interesting notes, as did Coach Kirby Smart’s briefing.

If you aren’t a big fan of Juwuan Briscoe’s downfield coverage, Deandre Baker seems to be back in the mix. In fact, he was taking lots of first team snaps. At this point, just having options is nice (stares at the offensive line).

In addition to Baker getting attention, sophomore Jonathan Ledbetter has been working more and more with the first team as DE. Though I’m sure he’s been conditioning and other practice type activities, he’s only coming to his 2nd game from serving a 6 game suspension to start the season.

**Click bait Warning** SONY MICHEL SERVES UP GUARANTEE ON FLORIDA. Spoiler alert: he’s only talking about getting ready to play the Gators, and the effort the team needs to expend versus the Booger-Eaters. Amongst many of the Dawg Sports commenters, I’ve seen many express that we may not expect a win, but we should expect effort and improvement. I’m glad to hear that the team shares the sentiment.

If you thought last year’s Bulldog top-ranked pass defense was smoke and mirrors, well then you should love this year. Jason Butt gives some stats and context that will make you cry with joy, and cry with fear and loathing. And probably just cry. Just don’t expect to hear from our Defensive Coordinator himself. Like it or not, you know Kirby Smart’s policy.

There’s some more breakdown of Florida’s vaunted defense, and I expect you’ll hear plenty the rest of the week on this. But hey, if you just don’t feel the Munson, or not quite feel the hatred fueled by fire of a thousand suns, then be my guest.

We’ll be back later with more news, notes, analysis, and commentary. And as always...