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15 Thoughts: The Bye Week/GIF Edition

NCAA Football: Houston at Southern Methodist
Tom Herman
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Just because the Dawgs were idle on Saturday doesn’t mean that targeting calls were missed, teams were exposed, and cold pizza was consumed after a bitter loss. And what’s all the hub-bub about in Chicago? Did the Bears release Jay Cutler?

1. My favorite Tweet of the day came from Dawg Sports very own masked “Tweet-A-Venger,” to wit:

SMU, a 2-4 team prior to last night’s kickoff in front of approximately 946 people at Ford Field, absolutely dominated Houston from start to finish, routing the Cougars 38-16. I’m beginning to believe that a Federal mandate should prohibit any college football rankings be released until after Thanksgiving. If you’re not following Dawg Sports on Twitter, you need to. The royalties we receive from Twitter are going towards a Dawg Sports contributors’ Sky Box at Sanford Stadium*.

*It’s a Fact!

2. By the letter of the law, this is targeting. Notice how a piece of the TAMU return man’s facemask actually broke, and the face mask cage actually deforms upon impact. This looks more like a NTSA crash test than anything else. Now, the victim here isn’t a defenseless player. But somehow the “letter of the law” regarding targeting simply doesn’t apply to Alabama. Ray Drew thinks this is bull$..t.

Does this change the outcome of the game? Of course not. You know what else didn’t change? The fact that SEC officials suck, as in THE WORST. EVER.

3. I guess it is time for my weekly dig at Ole Miss. They’d still probably beat us if we played ‘em again next week, and they are very talented. But I gotta believe that some of the distraction of the looming NCAA decision might be catching up to them last night when Leonard Fournette wasn’t running over them. That kid is incredible and the Alabama game just got a bit more interesting now that he’s healthy.

#2 for Ole Miss. Trucked much? Oh, and they love #7 in France, evidently.

4. What happened to Arkansas last night? Let down after a physical victory over Ole Miss last week? Is Auburn suddenly that good? I honestly did not watch any of this game and only caught the highlights this morning. Auburn does seem to be putting it together lately and their D-Line is scary good. But, dang? Bert.

5. Submitted without comment:

6. Georgia offered Harrison Bailey last night. Evidently, 5-Star QB’s do grow on trees in this state. This kid is only 14 years old, is 6’ 3” tall (and still growing), pushing 200 lbs., and has the demeanor of a senior already. When I was 14, I was 5” 7” tall, weighed 125 pounds and was at least 10 years away from not being a pin-head. But I could doodle better than any 9th grader on earth. Jeez.

7. Real tears of joy here...

What happened this season with the Chicago Cubs is a very good thing for baseball, in my humble opinion. Except for a single Marlins game I attended in person down here, last night’s Dodgers-Cubs tilt was the only start-to-finish baseball game I’ve watched all season long. I’m actually really, really looking forward to the World Series. It’s been a while since I could say that. Chicago or Cleveland is about to break a serious drought. That’s very cool.

8. Is West “By God” Virginia a sleeper team to watch? They certainly steamrolled TCU yesterday. Honestly, I’m not sold on any Big 12 Team this season. Especially after checking in on this...

9. ...Defensive football weeps. We all know defense wins championships. No one plays any of it in that Conference.

1,708 combined yards? How gauche.


Look, I’m a former broadcast TV person. I’ve said some things I’ve immediately regretted*, but never on a national stage. A poor choice of words with no malice intended, Adnan Virk has since apologized.

*Thank God FB and Twitter didn’t exist 15-20 years ago...

11. Todd Graham is not a Mike Leach fan:


12. Time to turn our attention to next week. If we don’t get maximum effort and see some serious improvement in special teams, I’m going to be very, very disappointed. Stay tuned to this channel for more information and updates, injury reports and other things that may or may not have any bearing on whether or not we can catch a clutch 3rd down pass when the game is on the line.

13. Georgia running back commits for the Class of 2017, D’Andre Swift and Toneil Carter had themselves a pretty good weekend. The two combined for 551 yards and 12 touchdowns for their respective teams. Good stuff.

14. Can the University of Georgia revoke a diploma? I am serious. Shut up, Will.

15. Help is on the way in 2017. That’s all well and good, but these guys are going to be every bit as green as the kids that are learning on the job in 2016. After some attrition (natural, and otherwise), I feel like we have to get 2 or 3 JUCO/Transfer type guys to help bridge the gap at key positions once again before Kirby’s recruits really start to make an impact beyond 2017.

Okay, my peeps. That’s all I got. It’s Georgia-Florida week. I’ll be there wearing a brand-new Georgia “T” because I burned the last one. Lucky Georgia shirts aren’t so lucky when you lose to Vandy. It’s kinda’ like golf. Every 3 or 4 years, I’ll make a birdie. I retire that ball. There’s only 1 birdie in any ball. I’m superstitious that way.

Chime in, have fun and let’s get behind our coach (who is not nor will ever be Tom Herman), our team (The Georgia Bulldogs) and get ready for a corner-turnin’, epic whippin’ of a bunch of Booger eating Gators.

As Always, GO DAWGS!