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Early Games Open Comment Thread: We Got This One. No, really.

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Who’s watching college football all day with no fear of the Georgia Bulldogs blowing a game? You're watching college football all day with no fear of the Georgia Bulldogs blowing a game.

There’s a certain sweet relief that comes from the annual bye week. I imagine this is what college football feels like for people who don't actually have a rooting interest, except that I have a hard time imagining what type of person really enjoys college football without such an interest. That's like being a classic car aficionado without a driver's license. Who does that?

But I digress. Today you have the distinct pleasure of getting down to some truly fantastic gridiron action without any strong personal stake in the outcome. Heck, there are three games matching top 25 ranked teams today in the SEC alone. You can peruse the full schedule here, but suffice it to say, you've got some football to watch.

At noon on ESPN #10 Wisconsin travels to Iowa for a rivalry game with balls. There's also Texas traveling to Kansas State (ESPN2) for a matchup that might not end in a Charlie Strong firing with a loss, but also might. Tune in to find out! ABC has NC State traveling to Louisville to take on the #7 Cardinals in hot ACC action. I swear that's really a thing.

And of course things get real at 3:30 when undefeated (checks schedule, because that can't be true, only it really is) #6 Texas A&M takes on Alabama in Tuscaloosa (CBS). I suspect Nick Saban will have his team dialed in pretty well for this one. I bet that's nice.

So kick back, have a beverage, and enjoy watching the triumph and misery of others unfold for once. You've survived the first seven weeks of Georgia football. You deserve it. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!