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Report: Average Georgia Football Player Worth $479,506

That’s a lot of dough.

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The age-old debate over paying college football players may never end, but a new report from Business Insider holds that if the Georgia Bulldogs did get paid like NFL players, they’d be doing pretty well.

The site combined the NFL model — players get at least 47 percent of all revenue — with data from the Department of Education to arrive at an approximate fair market value.

Per this calculation, splitting the money equally between 85 scholarships means each player would receive $479,506. That’s slightly more than a cost-of-attendance stipend.

It’s a large number, but only puts UGA sixth on the national list. Ahead of the ‘Dawgs are Texas ($671,173 per player), Alabama ($536,485), Tennessee ($521,854), Michigan ($487,979) and Auburn ($479,634).

The numbers drop steeply outside the top 20 programs, as the FBS average is $163,869.