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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Vanderbilt v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

A few quick links from around Bulldog Nation to get your day started:

Friend of the blog Murf Baldwin has an interesting take on what ails the Bulldog offense, arguing that it truly is a matter of execution, even on that notorious 4th and 1 play. By and large, I agree with him, and understand the play call even if I still don’t agree with it. I still like either Chubb or Michel on the edge there, but I can also admit that Jim Chaney has done pretty well this season putting the ball in McKenzie’s hands when the game is on the line, no matter how much he weighs.

Want to know how bad the Bulldogs coverage on that opening kick was? Let former Atlanta Falcon Brian Finneran explain it to you. He’s right all around. The lane discipline on that kickoff was deplorable. The thing that’s frustrating about this is that, well, we’re not talking rocket science here. This is pretty basic stuff. Shane Beamer, Georgia’s special teams coordinator, is an experienced football coach. I cannot imagine it looked like this in practice without him (and Kirby Smart, and Enos the one-eyed janitor sweeping the press box) noticing.

Dawg Post’s Dean Legge has some insights from folks he trusts about the direction of Georgia football right now. I too have wondered whether some of the upperclassmen who suddenly find themselves on the bench are really fully invested in this enterprise.

Jeff Sentell has some thoughts from UGA commitments about the loss and the results are essentially what you’d think: the staff is selling playing time, and no blue chipper who saw that game could possibly not believe that it’s available.

Not everyone in college football is searching for answers this week. Take West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen, who is undefeated, ranked in the top 15, and playing catch with his son off his back deck with non-football projectiles. There’s so much going on in this video. There’s the throw itself. But there’s also the rock outline of the state of West By God Virginia in the yard. And the fact that if you pay close attention you’ll see that the Holgo family apparently lives somewhere called “Cheat Lake.” Wonder if Hugh Freeze has a place there, too. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!