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Sunday Superlatives

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Once again we find ourselves sifting through the wreckage of a Bulldog loss to find the best and brightest individuals and moments from the weekend that was. On this Sunday, well, this is the best I got.

Offensive MVP: Jacob Eason, and it's not terribly close. On a day when the offensive line got whipped up front and the tailbacks suffered as a result, Eason snapped back from his worst effort of the season with a 27 for 40 passing effort and 346 yards (a career high). Just as importantly Eason managed to avoid throwing costly interceptions, a welcome development.

Defensive MVP: While the defense surrendered a late touchdown when it absolutely couldn't afford to, the unit looked pretty good most of the time On Saturday. In total Vandy tallied only 171 yards, which frankly shouldn't be enough to win a football game. Yet here we are. I think the best defensive performance out if the group goes to Davin Bellamy. The redshirt sophomore out of Chamblee totaled 8 tackles and a half sack on Saturday. Good for him.

Play of the day: Rodrigo Blankenship’s 36 yard field goal to put Georgia up 16-10. Hear me out. While the kick didn't really affect the final outcome, the 36 yarder was from a tough angle and completed a perfect day so far as field goals went for Cap’n RecSpecs. Hopefully the effort will boost Blankenship’s confidence going forward. We could desperately use someone reliable on special teams right about now.

Low light: The 4th and one. Yeah, that one. Again, there was just no good reason for Nick Chubb to not be the guy carrying the ball on that play. Chaney just got too cute on this one.