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Second Half Open Comment Thread

Hey Coach - That Boy Can Kick a Field Goal!!!!!
Hey Coach - That Boy Can Kick a Field Goal!!!!!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Y'all I don't really know what to say.  There's some flashes of brilliance and Hey - We've got a Field Goal Kicker!

So let's just look at the first half stats shall we?

Eason is 9/16 and 150 yards.  He's spreading the ball around really well hitting 5 different receivers.  Team Rushing is Anemic - 22 carries for 54 yards.  We've got to get that sorted out in the locker room.

The best news of the first half is that Rodrigo Blankenship is 2 for 2 100% for Field Goals and his longest is 45 yards.  Marshall Long is averaging 43.3 yards per punt with a longest of 51 yards.

Some weeks our rushing has been the first half story, some week's it's been the passing game.  This week it's the kicking game.  Now if Kirby & Co would kindly put all 3 together in the same week, we might have ourselves a heck of an offense!

The other good news is from the Defense.  Despite not forcing any turnovers, so far we've held Vandy to:

Passing:  5/12 45 total yards; Rushing:  14 carries for 19 yards; and 5 separate punts

Our offense may not be running on all it's cylinders but Vandy isn't getting it done either.  We're winning the battle in terms of total offense 204 yards to 64 yards and we're winning time of possession 17:54 to 12:06.  On penalties we have more of them but less penalty yards with 5/18 us and 4/30 for them.

Let's hope the team comes out of the locker room firing on all cylinders Offensively, Defensively & Special Teams.