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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites

In which we stick with Four Roses and The B-52s because it worked that one time...

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What exactly is he planning on doing with those fingers? I need an adult!!!!!
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Surprise, surprise! It’s a Saturday morning and there is a Georgia Bulldogs football game to look forward to. Enjoy the contest against the Vanderbilt Commodores because next weekend we return to another Dawgless Saturday as UGA takes on annual rival BYE. So in celebration of this glorious day, we invite you to pour a nice big glass of bourbon, fire up your grill, enjoy some music, and check out the latest and greatest Dawg-centric news stories from across the Internet. Enjoy!

Let’s begin the festivities with The B-52s Live in Atlanta 1978... Hosted by Slag Thompson and Swoop Bagnell! (LOL):

And now, the news!

On Wednesday, Christian D’Andrea from SBNation’s Vanderbilt blog, Anchor of Gold, posted an entertaining preview of the Georgia squad his Commodores will face. UGA X joke notwithstanding, its a fun read you may have missed. In short, I like the cut of his jib (that’s a sailing thing, right? I’ve been told they like boats and stuff over there).

Marc Weiszer of the ABH/Online Athens has a great breakdown on where the Dawgs find themselves at mid-season. The fact that this contains some statistics and analysis is what differentiates it from the drivel published by that rag in Atlanta that I refuse to link. Keep up the good work, Marc!

Georgia Football and Frank Martin bring us another glorious hype video and, as usual, it’s amazing. And that’s a damn fine use of Also Sprach Zarathustra. Richard Strauss all up in here! ALL. THE. FEELS. Also, nice trolling, Frank. Get hype Dawg fans!

Loran Smith waxes philosophical for on Homecoming and the Kirby Smart regime in the most Loran Smithiest of ways. As far as I’m concerned, Loran is a national treasure and should be honored as such. At the very least, you should read this fantastic missive.

John Durham of The Red & Black gives us 5 players to watch in Saturday’s game. One of them, Jonathan Ledbetter, is someone I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for. Ledbetter’s story is one with which I am personally invested as an individual who made some really poor decisions as an undergrad at UGA. I’m pleased that the consequences of his actions were dealt with in a fashion that was more than what was strictly required (because in my experience, that’s usually a good thing), but I’m also really rooting for the young man to put it all together and emerge from his troubles much stronger than before. I have no idea if Ledbetter will read this (he almost certainly won’t), but let me just say that an offense... even a major one... doesn’t have to define you. You can go on to do great things, informed by the impact of your earlier decisions. Sic ‘em Jonathan!


That’s all for now folks. Enjoy the game and your Saturday.

Until next time...