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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

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Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

And a pleasant good morning to you all, Dawg brothers and sisters. Here are some newsy notes, bits of tid, and other miscellany. But first...

...some sad news to report.

There’s nothing better in college football than a live mascot (recordings of poultry constantly blaring over a loudspeaker with a mute live rooster perched upon a stick does not qualify. A Model “A” Ford, in Tech’s case, doesn’t even qualify as a live car). LSU features one of the coolest live mascots in all of college football. Sadly, Mike the Tiger has succumbed to a particularly aggressive form of cancer. RIP, Mike. As far as cats go, you were the coolest.

The defensive line will be back to full strength as Jonathan Ledbetter will return to action after a 6-game suspension. We sincerely hope this young man has turned a corner in his life and continues down a path of wellness and happiness. And, sackiness of opposing quarterbacks. This is very good news. The kid can play.

What can we expect from Vandy this Saturday morning afternoon (12:00 P.M., SEC Network)? Defense, of course. I’m telling you right now: We had better not be overlooking this team. It’s a short week to prepare and install a game plan. Vandy doesn’t exactly scare anyone with their offense, but I vividly remember 2006 when we were starting a true-freshman in Matthew Stafford and Vandy stoned us most of the game then drove late for a game-winning field goal. Derek Mason is winless in SEC road games. Eventually, he’s gonna win one. Hope it ain’t this Saturday.

Allow me to digress a bit. Hurricane Matthew’s eventual track was pretty spot-on, as the National Hurricane Center did a very good job in their advisory packages that included the 5-day forecast. Here’s a really cool loop of all 43 advisories in an animation. Except for the crazy anti-cyclonic loop back towards Florida which was on the table according to some models (that was never realistic, but Lord Almighty how the media loved to run with that!), this storm was pretty much nailed by NHC. Anyway, continued prayers to all affected by this storm.

Tim Tebow saves a Georgia fan? As a football player, I couldn't stand him. But he's one of the better people walking around out there, methinks.

Finally, recrootin’! In a year where there is a dearth of really good defensive line talent, this kid is looming large and in-charge. Gotta keep him home. Listen to Mama...

Happy hump-day, err’body. Behave...and as always,

Go Dawgs!