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Monday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Georgia v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

It's always nice to start your work week fresh on the heels of a Georgia Bulldog victory. Before you get the day rolling let's see what's making news in Bulldog Nation.

Kirby Smart admits that the clock management just prior to halftime was in fact a snafu. Smart has had a couple of times so far, which frankly is not entirely surprising for a first your Smart has had a couple of times so far, which frankly is not entirely surprising for a first year head coach.

Knowing Smart’s reputation and work ethic, I anticipate that sometime before the 2017 season you will see an article about how he has worked on this. For now, we can at least say that Smart has not had a moment comparable to Mark Richt’s 2001 Auburn game, when the coaches decision may have legitimately cost a victory.

Jacob Eason passed for the feweat yards by a Georgia quarterback since 1990. However, coaches and teammates say that he actually did a great job fulfilling his role on Sunday. I’d have to agree. South Carolina was vulnerable up front, and Jim Chaney was always going to try to establish the run because of that. But you could tell even on television that the occasionally gusty winds weren't making it easy to throw the ball. That being said, we’re going to play on windy days again. Probably pretty soon. (Game of Thrones ‘"Winter is coming meme goes here).

But the best thing I saw yesterday was Eason making reads and changing the play at the line way more than we’ve seen so far. There were really only 2-3 moments of freshman confusion that scuttled the play. That's a promising sign.

Finally, Terry Godwin’s scoop and score on the late South Carolina onside kick was the first for a Bulldog since 2003. However, had it been up to Kirby Smart the touchdown would not have happened. I can see where Smart is coming from on this one. Why give something bad a chance to happen when you can just catch the ball, fall down, and kneel out the clock? On the other hand, putting a player like Godwin on the field and expecting him not to instinctively try to score when he sees the chance is a tall order.

We’ll be back with more news and analysis later. Until then...

Go ‘'Dawgs!!!!