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Second Half Open Thread: Red, Red Wine

That red, red wine has got me feeling so fine!

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In the first half, the Men in Red outscored the Orange Men by 10 points.  In sad news, things with our CBS overlords are unchanged.  No one can turn a 30 minute game into an all day broadcast event the way CBS can.

Courtesy of a last moment Illegal substitution issue, the Orange Men were able to score with less than 30 seconds in the half.  As was mentioned in the comments, UT is a second-half team.  Sure hope that's being repeated loudly & often in our locker room.

A couple of quick stats that surprised me.  Eason is 6 for 10 and only 39 passing yards.  I sure thought he had more passing yards than that.  Collectively we're at 29 rushes for 147 yards across 8 different players.  Michel & Herrien are doing most of the heavy lifting at 72 & 63 yards respectively.

We're keeping control of the ball at 19:37 vs. UT's 10:15.  Officially there have been no fumbles or turnovers.  I'm not sure how they count that oopsie on UT's part in the end zone that resulted in our boys getting the ball.  I'm only sure I saw it happen.

All in all, we've seen much, much worse.  Here's to hoping we age like a fine red wine and get better from here on out!