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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites

In which we drink copious amounts of Maker’s Mark, listen to mid-80s R.E.M., and discuss with great sorrow the likely fate of the Dawgs against the Vols...

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In a few short hours, the Tennessee Volunteers march into Sanford Stadium looking for a win. The Georgia Bulldogs will do their best to stop them. Will they? I have my doubts, but we will certainly find out at 3:30.

As you begin your Saturday pre-game rituals, I invite you to pour yourself a steaming hot cup of Maker’s Mark, peruse some Bulldog-centric musings from around the Internet, and enjoy the glorious musical selection found below (its an entire concert this time!). Also, feel free to use this as your open comment thread for any early morning shenanigans or tomfoolery before the threads open up for the games themselves as the day goes on.

In case you hadn’t already heard, Wilson Alexander of The Red & Black updates Nick Chubb’s status for today’s game. It’s very, very un-good. On the bright side, it makes that prediction I made in the Friday Tailgate thread look pretty dang impressive. I swear I hadn’t heard about Chubb’s status when I made it...really. I would’ve loved to be wrong on that one.

A new Georgia Football video from Frank Martin and his team is up on Vimeo. As usual, it is extremely well-done, but this one is even more touching than usual. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

Brandon Sudge at SicEmDawgs details some concerns we all share entering Saturday’s game against the Vols and one potential positive result of a good showing by the Dawgs. I’d add “how many times am I gonna have to hear damn ‘Rocky Top’” to the list of concerns.

Over at Online Athens, Mark Weiszer outlines a few key matchups to watch during today’s game. He also reminds anyone who has forgotten that Willie Martinez is the DB coach for Tennessee... which ought to give every Dawg fan at least a glimmer of hope.

Finally, brings us a really nice video profile of Dominick Sanders. Plus, its narrated by Maria Taylor, so you know its good.


That’s all for now folks.

Until next time...