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Jacob Eason and Terry Godwin already pitchin' and catchin' in Athens

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There truly is no offseason for today's elite college football player. Bulldog wide receiver Shaquery Wilson reinforced that this evening when he posted some impromptu video of Terry Godwin catching passes one-on-one against corner Juwaun Briscoe.

A couple of things. One I would not want to cover Terry Godwin on an island, especially when things break down. The kid is just slippery. Two, Jacob Eason's throws are even more impressive at field level. The kid has a live arm, and while Greyson Lambert isn't totally without talent where throwing a football is concerned, this video is a good reminder that the freshman is on a whole different level.

Also, let he who's never seen an uncomfortable Chubb cast the first stone.