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Georgia versus Missouri: Can 'Dawgs get back in the win column after punishing loss to Texas A&M?

That was our reaction too, Coach.
That was our reaction too, Coach.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

When last we saw Mark Fox's whipsawing Georgia Bulldogs, they were on the wrong end of the most lopsided defeat of the Mark Fox era, falling 79-45 to #10 Texas A&M. The loss showed what happens when you play your worst basketball against potentially your best opponent. It was ugly. It was embarrassing. If we can help it, we won't speak of it again.

Fortunately, the Hoop Hounds are on the road to take on a team who may be good for what ails them: the 8-9 Missouri Tigers. You may recall that Georgia handily defeated Mizzou 77-59 in Athens two weeks ago in a game that may not have demonstrated how good Georgia is, but thoroughly showcased how bad Missouri is this year. Not as bad as last year, but still a long way from the Tiger teams of yore. But before getting too comfortable, Bulldog fans would do well to remember that this Missouri team just dropped a close decision to #24 South Carolina.

That may have been the type of fluke that makes #SECbasketballfever a real, horrible disease. Or, and this is what really should make you queasy and feverish, it could have been an indication that Mizzou is headed in the right direction while Georgia continues to bob along, up and down and up and down in the middle of the SEC pack.

The Bulldogs' last six contests have been, in order, a win, a loss, a win, a loss, another win, and yet another loss. So if you feel like this basketball season is going nowhere in a hurry you could be forgiven. Suffice it to say that the loss to A&M probably did more damage than any victory over Missouri could repair. It's a long road back to the right side of the tournament bubble, and the journey begins tonight. You can catch the game live on the SEC Network beginning at 7:00 p.m. Athens Standard Time. Let's tip it off!

Go 'Dawgs!!!