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Chubb For Heisman: Inaugural Edition

In which we begin the Chubb For Heisman Campaign here at Dawg Sports.

Chubb Strong
Chubb Strong
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It has come to our attention, courtesy of this tweet from SEC Network, that Mr. Nicholas Jamaal Chubb may be putting up numbers reminiscent of our own Beloved Mr. Herschel Junior Walker.

Before we get to analyzing the statistical measurements, let's have a little background information, shall we?

Nick Chubb comes to us from Cedartown HS, Cedartown GA.  He is said to be 5' 10" tall and weighing 228 lbs.  During his high school years, Nick was a two-sport athlete competing in both Football & Track.  In football, he was the State's leader rushing with 2,721 yards and 38 touchdowns in his Junior year and 2,690 yards and 41 touchdowns as Senior.  Over his High School Career he ran for 6,983 yards & scored 102 touchdowns.  Rivals & Scout named him 4 star recruit.

Herschel Walker hailed from Johnson County where he was a three sport athlete competing in: football, basketball & track.  Herschel won the Heisman trophy after his Junior year, which was his final year before going to USFL.  As of the end of his Junior campaign, Herschel had  played in 33 college games, with a total of 994 carries for 5,259 total yards.  Herschel averaged 5.3 yards per carry and 159.4 yards per game.  He scored a total of 52 touchdowns.  His longest run was 76 yards.  He carried the rock 266 times on 1st down and had 162 runs over 10 yards.  In all available references, Herschel is listed as 6' 1" tall and 220 lbs.  This may or may not be from his college days.

As of this past Saturday, Nick Chubb has played in 14 games for UGA.  After 14 games for UGA, the respective statistics are:








Total Yards




Average Yards/Carry




Longest Run




Total Touchdowns




Herschel has more carries and more total yards after 14 games, but Chubb's Average Per Carry and longest run are both higher than Walker's and they are dead even on total touchdowns in 14 games.

Looking at the total Carries and Yards, Chubb was the #3 Running Back in the rotation with only 4 carries per game for his first 3 games as a Bulldog.  In those same games, Keith Marshall had 6, 1, & 5 carries respectively and Todd Gurley carried most of the load with 15, 20 & 6 carries for total carries between them of 25, 25 & 15.  By contrast, in his first three games, Herschel carried the rock 24, 21 & 23 times.  Had Nick Chubb been the starting running back for those first three games, he would have had 53 additional carries and likely 375 additional yards based on his average yards per carry, leaving him in a statistical dead heat with Herschel in 4 of the 5 statistical measurements.  Admittedly, Herschel did not play every quarter of his first 14 games either.

As things are, of the 5 available measures, two go to Walker, two go to Chubb and the tie breaking fifth measure is dead even.

As our Mayor has previously pointed out, Walker is widely considered to have earned the Heisman in his freshman year over the actual winner, George Rogers, but was denied simply because of his status as an underclassman.  Since 1980, the Heisman voters have eliminated the underclassman argument when they gave the Heisman to then-Sophomore Tim Tebow in 2007.  Nick Chubb is now also a Sophomore.  It stands to reason that should Chubb avoid injury* and continue to perform at the level he has to date, he should win the Heisman Trophy at the conclusion of this season.

For all of the above reasons, we here at Dawg Sports believe the Heisman Voters should select #Chubb4Heisman.

We'll be back next week to continue the Chubb For Heisman watch.  Until then....


*Y'all please pray Chubb avoids injury

Edit:  I have received the following prayer for Nick Chubb from a dear friend, thanks Mike!: 

Dear Lord, We ask in earnest request that you have a hedge of protection over Nick Chubb to maintain his health, add strength to his legs, and quickness to his feet. So that he might lead our Glorious Dawgs to extraordinary feats. Deliver Chubb to a Heisman crown and make the Dawg Nation, National Championship bound. And all the people of this Church say  "Go Dawgs!!"