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The Mark Richt Victory Watch: Episode 137 Que Schotty Edition

Hey Que, Hey Schotty, Welcome to Georgia Football Y'all!!

The Future Is Here:  UGA X aka Que
The Future Is Here: UGA X aka Que
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's been 249 days or so since the last time I had the honor & privilege to bring to you the Mark Richt Victory Watch. When last I wrote, we had learned of Mike Bobo's impending departure from our Classic City and were wondering who his replacement might be.  We were hoping & praying our Athletic Association would find us the finest Offensive Coordinator in all of Football and begging the Almighty to pretty please keep Mr. Chubb healthy for many, many years to come*.

Today we finally returned to the most special time of year.  The thing we wait so long for has finally arrived.  It will bring us the most joy,  peace, anguish & heartache.

While you were hibernating, During the off-season, the powers that be brought us Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer from the NFL.  His offense didn't get real creative today, but they didn't screw anything up real bad either.  We're certainly being more coy than usual about minor things like starting quarterbacks and offensive play calling.  Perhaps we're trying to outfox the Old Ball Coach?

Everyone picked us to win.  Vegas had the spread at -36.  We showed up, we saw our opponents, then we Chubb'd them over & over.  Only Mother Nature and her wicked weather stopped Chubb & Co today.  When the second weather delay was announced, our gracious leader offered to end the contest with 9 plus minutes remaining.  The score was already 51-14 in Georgia's favor.  There was no need to prolong the torture and risk injury to players, coaches or fans.

It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to once again bring to you, the Mark Richt Victory Watch.

Mark Richt has now secured his 137th career win, in only 185 total games as the head man in charge in the Classic City. Coach Richt currently boasts a 137-48 record and a .7405 winning percentage.  At the identical juncture in their careers:

Coach Wally Butts was 114-63-8 (.6162) following the first appearance by UGA I at the beginning of 1956 season, (we lost the game to Vandy that day but what's important here is the beginning of the UGA's.)

Vince Dooley and the 1980 National Championship Bulldogs featuring Herschel Walker had just won their fifth game of the season against the Rebels of Ole Miss bringing Coach Dooley to an all-time record of 123-56-6 (.6649).

Mark Richt remains statistically head and shoulders above his historical coevals at the same point in their respective careers and the one man for whom I would leave my new husband, Mr. Podunkdawg**, should I be presented with such an opportunity.

It's a new year, a new quarterback (rotation), a new OC, and it seems new UGA.  May all the games be won by the Classic City Canines.

Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs !!!

*Dear Lord, I really mean it, Pretty Please Keep Mr. Chubb healthy for many, many years to come.  Thank you.  Amen!

**That was totally part of the vows y'all.  It's okay, I told him he could leave me for Stevie Nicks in return.