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Georgia/Louisiana-Monroe First Half Open Comment Thread: And So It Begins

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It's Saturday in Athens! In about an hour the Georgia Bulldogs will embark on their 2015 football season with a new quarterback, a new offensive coordinator, and a whole lot of behind-the-scenes changes to strength and conditioning and football operations. It seems odd to say that it feels like a new era in Georgia football when Mark Richt is quite clearly on the sideline just as he has been for the preceding fourteen seasons. But it sure feels that way.

This is our first chance to see what the new look Bulldogs can do. Admittedly the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks aren't exactly the test which will tell us what kind of team the Head 'Dawg has this season. If it's much of a test at all, you can expect a good bit of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth.

It's unjustified. If nearly a decade of covering and nearly three decades of watching college football has taught me anything it's that the teams playing this weekend won't resemble the ones we'll see fighting for the national title in January. It's like that every season. The whole thing is organic, evolving, and that's what makes it special. The college football season unfolds week-by-week like a rich painting whose true beauty isn't really appreciable until the final brush strokes dry.

For now, it's time to put oil to canvas on the University of Georgia's 2015 season. Let us now rally behind the men who wear the red and black with two words, two simple words that express the sentiments of the entire Bulldog Nation . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!