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The Early Open Comment Thread: A Selection Of Appetizers

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we've gotten a couple of warm up evenings out of the way it's time to five headlong into the first Saturday of college football season. The day is longer and the stakes are higher as your Georgia Bulldogs will kick things off a few minutes after noon this afternoon.

We'll obviously have a dedicated comment thread for that game which will go live at 11:30. However you've got some time to kill between now and then. So this is the place to shoot the bull while you watch College Gameday, SEC Nation, or a replay of the 1984 Cotton Bowl. Whatever gears you up for the day.

This will also be the place to watch the early (Noon to 3:30 start time) games in which the 'Dawgs are not participating. While those matchups may not be compelling, they're fairly solid as far as opening weekends go. At noon on ESPN (opposite Georgia's game on the SEC Network) #21 Stanford will take on Pat Fitzgerald's Northwestern team. ESPNU will be carrying Richmond at Maryland in that slot. I have no idea why you'd be watching that. But I try not to judge.

3:30 however brings the real party, including Auburn facing Louisville on CBS in the Georgia Dome. It's a bunch of players who got kicked out of Georgia taking on coaches who left Georgia without little or no protest. I'm pulling for the meteor.

There's also Virginia visiting #13 UCLA on FOX in a game that I could see getting really out of hand really fast. ESPNU has UTEP visiting #18 Arkansas, while the SEC Network will feature #25 Tennessee hosting Bowling Green. It's a full afternoon of gridiron goodness, and we're glad you're spending it with us. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!