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UGA Players Go To Chili's. Something Happens.

Georgia receiver Isaiah McKenzie and several teammates went to a local Chili's on Monday night. There's a police report memorializing the trip. Beyond that, it gets kind of murky.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Because it's the week of the Georgia Bulldogs' biggest game of the season thus far you knew something had to happen to upset the happy equilibrium of a season that's gone according to Hoyle so far.

There it is. A few thoughts, in no particular order and sprinkled with all the grains of salt the law allows:

  • I have a sense that if Isaiah McKenzie had said or done anything worthy of criminal charging that he would have been arrested on the spot. That's how the Athens-Clarke County PD rolls. Remember these are the same folks who get royally peeved when you don't provide a right and proper middle name.
  • It seems a touch odd that a guy who's surrounded by SEC football players would feel the need for reinforcements to take on a lone female antagonist. I'm not saying McKenzie didn't say it, just that it makes no sense.
  • Rampant internet rumor which is totally unverifiable indicates that this may have been a dispute over the players' failure/refusal to tip properly. As a former server I can understand getting up in arms about that. I can also imagine a situation like that escalating into a war of words. Mostly because I've seen it. If that's the case then Isaiah McKenzie probably needs to find a new Chili's.
  • Somewhere in the bowels of NCAA headquarters somebody is thinking "See? This kind of thing would never happen if you didn't shower these student-athletes with Chili's money and forced them to subsist off Ramen and spiderwebs like God intended!"
  • While McKenzie was at practice today, history shows that's no guarantee he's out of the woods. Bacarri Rambo practiced more while under suspension than many college football players do while fully eligible.

Really we don't know anything about this, it may be a big story. Or it may be a non-story. No one knows. But I do know that it's the kind of distraction this Georgia squad simply doesn't need headed into a monumental matchup on the national stage. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!