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UGA v SU Second Half Open Comment Thread

Blocked Punt?  Yup it was a good thing :)
Blocked Punt? Yup it was a good thing :)
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Okay so we aren't ahead by 8 million points. But it's not like we're losing or anything.  But SEC N did play us a few seconds of the Human Jukebox half time show. So I'm watching the half time show and I'd like to know who dressed Tim Tebow? Back to the game, here's some stats from the offense

  1. Chubb needs some carries to make his 12th game with 100+ yards. At this point he has 9 carries for 31 yards plus 1 reception for 24 yards. 
  2. Sony Michel - 3 carries for 13 yards plus 1 reception for y yards
  3. Malcolm Mitchell - 3 carries for 62 yards

All together, they're over 100 yards for the first half, we've just been splitting up the carries.  Hope that helps you feel better about things.

Meanwhile, refresh your snacks & drinks, it's just about time to start the second half.  Until later....