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Cocktail Thursday: Southern Jaguars Edition

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps you noticed (and if you were one of the readers who emailed me about it I assume you did), but there was no Cocktail Thursday last week. I'd like to say that there was some symbolic reason for it, or that it was a well-planned editorial decision. But that wouldn't be accurate. The truth is I was busier than a boy dog with three....things I really needed to focus on. The result? A beat down of the Head Ball Coach the likes of which the Bulldogs had never laid before. Which puts a semi-superstitious blogger like me in a quandary. Do I dare jinx things by offering a libation, or let it roll with our usual themed potable? Ultimately I decided that if you're going to sit through this one, you may need a drink. I can't not help you with that.

The preceding paragraph aside, I'm not generally one to bury the lead. So allow me to sum up my thoughts on this weekend's contest thusly:

All I really want to see is a victory and no one on crutches at the end of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Last Saturday's victory over South Carolina revealed to me everything this Georgia Bulldog team is capable of. I liked it. But I know that we won't see that type of historic perfection every week. It's just not realistic. I further understand that the Southern Jaguars aren't a bad FCS team, but they are an FCS team and this game should be over with at the half. If it's not there will be much grousing and moaning about "looking ahead" and "complete effort" and what not. And that's fine.

Because I frankly just want to see us make it to next Saturday's matchup with Alabama back in Sanford Stadium with all the necessary pieces to do what we did last week. I want to see the defense stonewall the visitors early, while the offense builds a solid lead. I want Nick Chubb to put up the kind of numbers needed to sustain his nascent Heisman candidacy, then head for the bench. Then I want to see Sony Michel do the same. Finally, I want to see a lot of Keith Marshall. Marshall has looked good in limited action so far, and with all he's gone through to get to this point it would be nice to watch him impose his own brand of backfield justice on opponents. And when Keith Marshall lays down the law on the Jags, I know what I'll be toasting him with.

A Marshall Law. We're going pretty no-frills for this early kickoff. Start by adding 3 ounces of prosecco to a rocks glass with ice. To that add 3/4 of an ounce of sweet vermouth, and a tablespoon of orange juice. Garnish the whole deal with an orange twist.

It's a refreshing drink for you to toast what should be a chance for Bulldog starters to stay fresh before taking on the Tide. Again, we're not asking for much more than that, are we? Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!