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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Bobby Petrino... who is probably missing the open highways and former volleyball players of Arkansas right about now.

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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule >>>  CLICK HERE!!!

Its a fine week for college football. And while you may find the SEC contests somewhat lacking as the big boys prepare to square off next weekend, there are still plenty of quality games for you to view (many between ranked opponents*). Amongst these you will find:


Cincinnati Bearcats @ Memphis Tigers, 7:30 pm ESPN

I can't say I can get too fired up about this one.  However, there are no other options and I do kind of miss Ol' Tommy Tuberville.


#24 Stanford Cardinal @ Oregon State Beavers, 10:00 pm FS1

Can Stanford build on its amazing success against USC? Well first off, I wouldn't call success against USC amazing since their supposed dominance was always more of an ESPN pipe dream. Secondly, I wouldn't bet on it.  Beavers, if you'll recall, are primarily known for taking down trees.  I mean, honestly, who the hell has a tree for a mascot? It's almost worse than choosing an insect...

Get it together, Stanford!!!


Southern Jaguars @ #6 Georgia Bulldogs, 12:00 pm SEC Network

The Dawgs should roll and I'll be watching every minute. Nick Chubb should be able to run at will and I expect he will do so until the coaches decide to pull him in order to preserve him for the upcoming contest against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Additionally, if Greyson Lambert doesn't complete 26 out of his 25 passes, he should be benched in favor of Brice Ramsey.

#20 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ Duke Blue Devils, 12:00 pm ESPN2

Over the past few years, this has been the type of game that Tech seems to always find a way to lose.  Let's hope they find it again.


There are a number of games in this slot that feature ranked teams. However, they feature ranked teams against significantly overmatched opponents.  As a result, you're probably best off watching:

Tennessee Volunteers @ Florida Gators, 3:30 pm CBS

Its time to find out if the Volunteers can truly rebound from their loss to the Oklahoma Sooners.  While I don't relish the idea of hearing Rocky Top a couple thousand times, they are playing the Gators so I'll allow it.


Once you hit the 8 o'clock hour, its a non-stop Pac-12 smorgasbord.

#11 UCLA Bruins @ #16 Arizona Wildcats, 8:00 pm ABC

This should be a competitive game in which the teams battle tooth and nail on the field while Jim Mora and Rich Rodriguez duel it out on the sidelines for the annual "Jim Harbaugh Memorial Biggest D-Bag in the Pac-12" Award.

#17 Utah Utes @ #13 Oregon Ducks, 8:00 pm FOX

Can a Pac-12 team establish itself as a Top 10 contender? I'm honestly not sure, but if anyone can my money is on the Ducks. That said, the Oregon defense hasn't exactly been top notch (giving up almost 30 points to a terrible Georgia State Panthers squad), though I'm willing to believe they can eventually get it together based on the sheer talent amassed in several top tier recruiting classes and a bunch of Nike swag.


#18 USC Trojans @ Arizona State Sun Devils, 10:30 pm ESPN

I'm personally pulling for the Sun Devils in this one because I enjoy chaos and two weeks of Trojan fail just makes me smile.  Also, I enjoy the idea of the late night tears emanating from roughly half of ESPN's on-air talent.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...


*As always, I choose to use the Coaches Poll for these rankings.The AP Poll chose to jump Notre Dame over UGA because they beat Georgia Tech. I assume Georgia will make a similar jump when they beat the Yellow Jackets, right? Right?  Oh no... wait... they won't because they won't have the benefit of beating a team that was ranked due to the over-rankings of the same entity that is then deciding that beating the over-ranked team is worth a jump in the rankings.  Plus, #PWG.