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A Picture's Worth 1000 Yards: The Best Photos From Georgia/South Carolina

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

After a one week hiatus we're back with our photographic review of this past weekend's Georgia victory over South Carolina. Enjoy some of the best work from our photographic partners USA Today Sports and Getty Images.

Things get chippy in the second half between Isaiah Wynn and Gamecock linebacker Skai Moore. (Dale Zanine-USA Today)

Malcolm Mitchell goes into Superman mode to snag one of his eight receptions on the night. Scott Cunningham-Getty Images

Steve Spurrier enters the field before the game. This was the last moment of pure joy he's experienced in the last 80 or so hours. Dale Zanine-USA Today

Spurrier scans the Athens horizon for answers after his team's 52-20 road loss to Georgia. Scott Cunningham-Getty Images

Quincy Mauger submarines South Carolina freshman QB Lorenzo Nunez during the second half.

Chubb comin'. Dale Zanine-USA Today

A jubilant Greyson Lambert celebrates his record-breaking night. Dale Zanine-USA Today