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UGA v SCar Second Half Open Comment Thread

The Signature Bulldog Leap!
The Signature Bulldog Leap!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

So far we've had us some fun.  Lambert is doing much better with the passing game. 8/12 then 11/21 now 14/15 for 190 yards in the first half??  Where has he been hiding the last two weeks??!!!   Richt said in his half time interview that we have a good scheme.  He totally planned the Lambert slow start the last two weeks.  At least that's my story and I am sticking to it!  Evil Richt is in the house y'all!

Chubb is still #ChubbStrong and racking up more reasons why #Chubb4Heisman.  Sony & Mitchell are doing their thing.

We've had our hiccups - a little face mask here, a little oopsies there, a little fender bender in my house. But as of the end of the first half, we're up by 2 scores 24-13.  If I need to keep walking outside & back in to get us more TD's, well these flip flops were made for walking and that's just what I'll do. Cuz today's the day these Dawgs are gonna walk all over you (Spurrier.)

Sure hope you took over on the first two questions MaconDawg asked Friday.  So far Lambert's completion percentage is well above 59.9% and he's already thrown for 190 yards.  Perhaps MD started his game day drinking a little early this week???

I don't know about you but I'm ready to #FinishTheDrill in the second half. Don't forget to pray for Chubb* and et's get it done...

Go Dawgs!!!

*Dear Lord, We ask in earnest request that you have a hedge of protection over Nick Chubb to maintain his health, add strength to his legs, and quickness to his feet. So that he might lead our Glorious Dawgs to extraordinary feats. Deliver Chubb to a Heisman crown and make the Dawg Nation, National Championship bound. And all the people of this Church say  "Go Dawgs!!"