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The Friday Tailgate Wonders How Long We'll Have Steve Spurrier To Kick Around

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Friday Tailgate, where we pass the time before Saturday’s kickoff as best we can by listening to good music, speculating wildly about the athletic achievements of teenagers, and making fun of Steve Spurrier. Though not necessarily in that order or in equal proportions. Maestro, the week’s tailgate music if you please:

As you well know by now the Red and Black are back within the friendly confines of Sanford Stadium for a 6:00 local time match with the South Carolina Gamecocks. Mark Richt’s squad is a prohibitive favorite in the game (16 points is the spread), which makes me more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory. A cornered and wounded Steve Spurrier is a dangerous Steve Spurrier, and this Spurrier is pretty beaten down. He’s missing his starting quarterback (who hadn’t been terribly impressive in beating out the backup starting now), he’s spent most of this offseason answering questions about his advancing age, and his team just lost to Kentucky. Criminy. The Ole’ Bastard Coach has got us right where he wants us.

Of course the Classic City Canines could have assuaged a lot of fan tension by not trying really, really hard to lose one in the waning minutes on the road last week at Vanderbilt. For my part, I’m treating that scare last week as the kind of healthy growing experience that a good football team needs to endure to remind them of what could happen if they’re only a notch off in preparation and execution. I saw very little last Saturday that can’t be fixed, so I’m still expecting a Bulldog victory in this one (especially in Athens). That being said, I’m not 100% certain how we get there. Maybe you can help me by telling me how some component parts of the game will come together in a little game we call Over or Under. So commenters, over or under?

1) Greyson Lambert will complete 59.9% of his passes on Saturday.

2) Lambert will throw for a total of 199.9 yards.

3) South Carolina signal caller Perry Orth will throw 1.9 interceptions.

4) The Gamecocks will run the ball 29.9 times.
5) Jordan Jenkins will notch 4.9 tackles for a loss.

6) Leonard Floyd will chalk up 1.9 sacks.

7) Marshall Morgan will miss 0.9 field goals.

8) Steve Spurrier will coach 1.9 seasons on the South Carolina sideline following the 2015 campaign.

As usual this will also be the general clearinghouse for tailgate related information,Friday night football viewing, and whatever else pops into your collective heads. We’ll be back tomorrow with all the action of another football Saturday. Until then . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!