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Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule

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Brought to you by SEC Officials... who would like to remind you that they sincerely don't give a damn what you think you saw. You'll accept their horrendous calls and like it!

If a ball bounces off your helmet while you're being defended by a guy with one good hand... you should probably find another sport.
If a ball bounces off your helmet while you're being defended by a guy with one good hand... you should probably find another sport.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule >>>  CLICK HERE!!!

Finally we have a week full of games between ranked/competitive teams*.  Enjoy it folks! College Football season is here for real.


#9 Clemson Tigers @ Louisville Cardinals, 7:30 pm ESPN

The best (and only FBS) option on Thursday features the ACC's version of "bringing it." While the Tigers are legit, the Cardinals are not.  If Dabo somehow manages to lose to a team that just suffered defeats at the hands of what appears to be a deeply flawed Auburn team and the Houston Cougars, he should be run out of town (or at least thrown into that beautiful lake).  Is it wrong that I am so thoroughly enjoying Todd Grantham's undoing?


#6 Florida State Seminoles @ Boston College Eagles, 8:00 pm ESPN

Apparently, beating Maine and blowing out Howard somehow makes you a team on the rise in the ACC... if you believe the East Coast bias of the ACC media, that is (I almost managed to keep a straight face while typing that).  Anyway, I expect FSU to put BC in its place and, as an added bonus, there will probably be some adorable signs in the stands referencing Catholicism and the thievery of footwear. Enjoy!


Wow. For a day of great contests, there sure are a bunch of garbage games at noon. Take your pick:

Connecticut Huskies @ #20 Missouri Tigers, 12:00 pm ESPN

Nevada Wolfpack @ #18 Texas A&M Aggies, 12:00 pm SEC Network

Tulsa Golden Hurricane @ #17 Oklahoma Sooners, 12:00 pm FS1

I'll probably watch the Air Force Falcons @ #4 Michigan State Spartans because I'm a sucker for watching the service academies but that one won't be competitive either.


While it might be tempting to watch the #16 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets visit the #10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, don't waste your time.  I've been assured by several Tech alums/Astronauts/Tricycle Race Participants that there is very little chance of a meteor hitting the stadium.

Instead, you should watch:

#15 Auburn Tigers @ #14 LSU Tigers, 3:30 pm CBS

Let's be honest, you were always going to watch this game anyway. And who could blame you?  This is the official jumping off point for the tire fire that I expect the 2015 Auburn Tigers to become.  Jeremy Johnson throws eleventy seven interceptions and the Auburn faithful coat the campus in toilet paper... gasoline soaked toilet paper which they then set ablaze in a fever of Muschamp-induced rage.


South Carolina Gamecocks @ #8 Georgia Bulldogs, 6:00 pm ESPN

God, I don't ask for much... But please send Spurrier into retirement with his last game against the Bulldogs in the loss column.


#11 Ole Miss Rebels @ #2 Alabama Crimson Tide, 9:15 pm ESPN

Its a primetime SEC confrontation, so you know I'm in. I expect this one to be even more competitive after the Rebels sign a last minute star back who is 6'4", 235 lbs, and 100k richer.


#22 BYU Cougars @ #12 UCLA Bruins, 10:30 pm FS1

This is an excellent late night game.  A superb nightcap to a great evening of college football.  And if it turns out BYU is a pretender and UCLA takes them to the woodshed, well, at least you have a pretty decent shot at seeing a Bruin get punched in the balls.

I feel for the Boise State guy, I really do.  That "I'm gonna throw up RIGHT NOW!" feeling one gets from a groin hit is a very real and relatable thing for most guys.  But, Lord, does it make me laugh.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...


*As always, I choose to use the Coaches Poll for these rankings.  I mean, honestly, do you want to trust voters who believed the Auburn Tigers, Arkansas Razorbacks, and Louisville Cardinals to be amongst the best teams in the the country just 2 weeks ago?

Note: Many of the coaches did as well, but its a lot more fun to mock the sports media.