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The Early Open Comment Thread: Coffee And Pigskin

"What are carnitas again? Would I like those?"
"What are carnitas again? Would I like those?"
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's another glorious college football Saturday! The sun is shining (somewhere, it's pouring here at Casa del MaconDawg), there's goat to roast in Athens, and there's actually some compelling college football coming up between now and the 3:39 kickoff in Nashville.

As always RedCrake has you set with the full schedule, but among the highlights are these.

  • South Florida travels up to Tallahassee to take on FSU in a game set to start at 11:30 eastern for some absurd reason (ESPN). I can only guess because Florida State administrators thought "Hey! If we start the game earlier then everyone can get out of town before the post-game traffic starts!" Little known fact: many Florida State administrators majored in Public Administration at Auburn.
  • Over on Fox Sports 1 Kansas State travels to San Antonio to take on Larry Coker's UT-SA team. As Harrison noted yesterday this one is not a simple road trip to pick up a cupcake.
  • And at noon on ABC Jim Harbaugh gets another chance to get Michigan fans excited about being a mediocre Big Ten team when the Wolverines take on Oregon State. Harbaugh will probably have success in Michigan, but there's simply no way he lives up to the offseason hype in 2015. Brady Hoke left him with a lot of highly-recruited players who have a long way to go to develop into the players they could be. Still is he can't beat the Beavers in Ann Arbor the Rotel and cheese dip flavored rage coming from fans will be deee-lish.

So kick back and enjoy some consequence free college football until the main event kicks off later this afternoon. And as always . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!