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Georgia/Vanderbilt First Half Open Comment Thread

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hello from the friendly confines of the Blind Pig Tavern in beautiful Athens, Georgia!

We've already kicked off the party here, and the Georgia Bulldogs are preparing to kick things off up in Nashville. As Murf and I discussed earlier this week, there's really no comparison in terms of talent between these two teams. That being said, Derek Mason is, all 2014 appearances to the contrary, a proven defensive coach. I'm not so sure Brian Schottenheimer will be out scheming him. The question will be whether Georgia's players can out-execute the Commodores. My guess is that they can. I'm looking for a big coming out party for Greyson Lambert, and for Schottenheimer to show some things that South Carolina will need to prepare for.

Defensively, the Bulldogs will be facing a Vanderbilt offense that was bad last season, not a lot better last week, and is likely to be a work in progress as the season rolls along. Personally I'm just looking for the busts to be kept to a minimum, especially in the secondary. We'll be back at halftime. Until then, let's once again rally behind the men who wear the red and black.

Go 'Dawgs!!!