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Roasting The (Metaphorical) Goat: 2015 Edition

Announcing the Sixth Annual Dawg Sports Goat Roast

Your Dawg Sports Staff has held a slew of meetings in the official secret underground bunker and the white puff of smoke is here.  After much discussion, wringing of hands, and juggling of schedules, the Sixth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast will be held in September for the first time in Roasting history.

We hope to see YOU at The Blind Pig on Baldwin Street in Athens 30 minutes prior to game time on September 12 to watch Chubb do Chubb things and see if the Commodores can stop him.  (Bets anyone?  Not that we endorse gambling of course.)  We understand kick off is scheduled for 3:30, so we'll see you at there at 3pm.

Five times in five years we have gathered at The Blind Pig to metaphorically Roast a Goat.  (No actual Goats have been harmed at any of the prior events.)  Our overall record is 3-2.  The Vandy game will be the first test of the 2015 Bulldogs.  (I doubt UL Monroe will be much more than a warm up game.)

What can you expect at the Goat Roast?

As many of the staff members as possible will be there.  The Blind Pig will have the game on all the TV's.  They put us in a room off to the right where we are welcome to get as loud as we like.  (Which is good given our history.)  The staff at the Blind Pig pretty much lets us do as we please, within football reason.  One year we smeared cake over the doorway to our room (no I'm not kidding, we really did that.)  There will be goat-shaped cake and brownies provided.  They have a full bar and plenty of good food.  It is a family-friendly event, so feel free to bring any little ones.  We've had everyone from babies to grandmothers attend over the years.

Will there be t-shirts?

Well that one depends on y'all.  We won't speak of the events that led to last year's t-shirts.  But if y'all want t-shirts, show us your vision in the comments below.

Got Questions?

Ask in the comments below.