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Mark Richt On Naming A Starter: Lambert"Hasn't Pulled Away From The Pack"

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

At this point the reactions to Mark Richt's decision to name Greyson Lambert the starting quarterback for Georgia's opener against Louisiana-Monroe have run the gamet from relief to sheer panic. One thing that's been lost in the news is, well. what Richt actually said in making the announcement. Let's play a little game here. It's called "What did Mark Richt actually say?"

Richt doesn't think the competition is "over." The fact is somebody has to trot onto the field when the Bulldogs get the ball. It would probably be more fair to say that Lambert has the lead at this milepost of the race than to say he's crossed the finish line.

Richt characterizes what Lambert's done to win the job as "a cumulative effort." In other words, day in and day out, it looks like he gives Georgia the best chance to win. I deduce from this that there are likely days when Ramsey looks better, and days when Faton Bauta looks like the best signal caller of them all. But consistency is the key, and I imagine that as Lambert has gotten more comfortable with the play book and personnel his consistency has probably also improved.

Bottom line? On Saturday it's almost guaranteed that you'll see both Ramsey and Lambert on more than one occasion. You may also see Faton Bauta. Unless something happens that hasn't happened so far, unless Greyson Lambert just turns it on in a big way, this thing is still not 100% over. I suspect that's more harrowing for Bulldog fans than it is for Richt, who as usual appears to have a resting pulse rate of 12. He's got other positions to worry about, game planning to finish, and a thousand other details. This is but one of the things that will define Georgia's season, and he's responsible for all the others too.

Like Mark Richt, let's get back to what we need to get done. This situations will sort itself out soon enough. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!