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Greyson Lambert To Start Versus Louisiana-Monroe

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Richt has answered a lot of questions this summer, but today for the first time he finally answered the one question which everyone has wanted him to. Today Richt named Virginia transfer Greyson Lambert the starter for Georgia's season opener versus Louisiana-Monroe over sophomore Brice Ramsey.

The move is a little bit surprising, but not terribly so. As we noted on a recent episode of the Committed to the G podcast, you had to feel that the longer this competition went into August the more and more things began to favor Lambert. After ably backing up Hutson Mason during 2014, Ramsey seemed to have the inside track and the job was really his to lose. Now there's nothing that prevents Richt from switching in week two (or even on the second series of this game). But the fact that Ramsey does not appear to have locked down the job is not a ringing endorsement. Richt perhaps telegraphed this move recently when he acknowledged that Ramsey's preparation may not have been quite up to snuff. But then, given that the best superlative he could find for Lambert at the time was "he's tall", that may be reading a bit too much into things.

So what does Georgia get in Greyson Lambert? Lambert does in fact have prototypical size, a very good arm, and some experience as a starter in major college football. Murf Baldwin provided an excellent look at Lambert's relative strengths and weaknesses several weeks ago. While I would not want to put words into my co-host's mouth, I think Murf and I can agree that Lambert is a player who clearly has the potential to do great things. He simply has to demonstrate that he can put it altogether on a big stage. It sounds like he is about to get that chance. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!