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Georgia Bulldogs Check In At #9 In First AP Poll, Ohio State Unanimous #1

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The voters have spoken. The first AP college football poll of the season was released this afternoon and looks like it will successfully do the two things all polls other than the playoff committee poll are capable of doing these days:

  1. Providing little numbers for television folks and writers to put next to team names because Pavlov wasn't just talking about dogs, and
  2. Providing things for fans to get really ANGRY!!!! about which are of absolutely no practical consequence.
The voters slotted your Georgia Bulldogs in at #9, which seems about right to maybe a little high since we are talking about a team that still doesn't have a starting quarterback and plays five other teams in the poll during the course of this season.
Ranking Team First-place votes
1 Ohio State 61
2 TCU 0
3 Alabama 0
4 Baylor 0
5 Michigan State 0
6 Auburn 0
7 Oregon 0
8 USC 0
9 Georgia 0
10 Florida State 0
11 Notre Dame 0
12 Clemson 0
13 UCLA 0
14 LSU 0
15 Arizona State 0
16 Georgia Tech 0
17 Ole Miss 0
18 Arkansas 0
19 Oklahoma 0
20 Wisconsin 0
21 Stanford 0
22 Arizona 0
23 Boise State 0
24 Missouri 0
25 Tennessee 0

Others receiving votes:

Mississippi St. 100, Texas A&M 61, Oklahoma St. 46, Virginia Tech 42, Utah 36, Penn St. 20, Louisville 12, Cincinnati 8, Nebraska 6, Kansas St. 5, Florida 4, NC St 4, Texas 3, BYU 2, Michigan 2, Northern Illinois 2, Cal 1, Western Kentucky 1, West Virginia 1.

As you can see, eight of fourteen SEC teams made the top 25 and eleven received votes. I'm pretty sure this is really going to anger the folks who think the SEC, ESPN, and the Trilateral Commission are trying to rig college football. Six Pac-12 teams made the list, but I haven't read anything about the Pac-12 apologists yet. I assume those hot takes will come out three hours later because Pacific Time.

It's also worth noting that defending national champion Ohio State made history by becoming the first team to start the season as a unanimous #1. I don't think that's at all unreasonable given what the Buckeyes have returning from a team that ended the year as a pretty clear #1. If past is prologue, then the Fightin' Urbans ought to be pretty good.

Again the only poll that matters, the official College Football Playoff rankings, will begin on November 3rd. Until then the AP poll will at least give us all something to argue about. Hooray!