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Has Dark Richt Reentered The Building?

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was SEC day on ESPN. Five SEC coaches came to Bristol to show that they're actual humans as opposed to animatronic football robots. They were asked questions. They responded with scads of coach platitudes about being excited, and how the players have been working hard, and how they're looking for leaders. Oh yeah. And this happened when Hugh Freeze was in the hot seat.

What does this mean? It means he's back, baby. Dark Richt is in the house. Our onside kicking, end zone dancing head coach who doesn't give a rip has returned. This is not insignificant. There is a direct correlation between Mark Richt's level of don't give a damn during any given offseason and his team's success the following season. The Mark Richt who photobombs Hugh Freeze is the same one who onside kicks to swing the momentum against Virginia Tech. This is science, people. Exciting, football game-winning science. Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!