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Uga IX Stepping Down Sometime This Year

The collar will be passed to a new Uga X at a yet-to-be-announced time during the fall.

Damn Good Dawg!
Damn Good Dawg!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

While reporting on the UGA Countdown to Kickoff event for the fans this morning, UGA beat reporter Radi Nabulsi tweeted out the following reports:

UPDATE: Seth Emerson also has reported this news from the same event, so even though the University hasn't officially confirmed it, I'm treating it as no longer a "rumor."

So we will be seeing the handoff to a new Uga X sometime this season. I think Russ has been my favorite Uga to date, because others kept being selected over him, but he just kept doing his job and playing his part until his time came.  He also broke the "Uga color barrier" by being the first Uga with significant brown spots on his body, so you gotta like that.

As for Uga X, my inner nerd hopes that "Que" is selected, because I have already christened that dawg "Q" in my mind, and I am already coming up with tons of Star Trek-themed puns and metaphors for use in the coming years.

Go Dawgs!