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I Want My 'Dawg TV: What Would You Put On SEC Network?

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

This summer during the lead up to college football season the SEC Network is letting each of the 14 league teams "take over" the channel for 24 hours. The fun starts on June 29, with Georgia Bulldogs having their day on July 3. Each school will get to slot in their own programming, which according to the announcement may include classic games, films, ESPN original content and school-produced content. Each school will also have a representative to emcee the proceedings. Georgia will be represented by current Mercer broadcaster/former Bulldog QB/Boise Bronco buster D..J. Shockley.

It seems like a fun idea, as long as you remember to avoid the Network on Auburn's day (it's July 1st and Bruce Peal will be hosting, hopefully live from a backyard cookout). It will be interesting to see what programming UGA goes with, though a few items seem appropriate.

  • The 2005 Boise State game seems like a no-brainer with Shockley hosting. That year's SEC Championship Game would also be a solid choice.
  • Hobnail. Boot.
  • The 2007 Auburn blackout game would be a great choice, but I'm not sure it'll happen.
  • The 30 for 30 on Herschel Walker seems like a no-brainer.
The question is....what else? That's not 24 hours worth of programming, so we're going to need to help out the powers that be here. What else needs to be included during Georgia's 24 hour SEC takeover?