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Georgia Quarterback Situation Not Causing Panic In Athens

Mark Richt isn't freaking out about his quarterback situation. Does that freak anyone else out?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Football coaches and players from each of the state of Georgia's college football programs assembled in Macon on Tuesday, and the topic of conversation around Georgia coach Mark Richt and his players was pretty predictable. It's the quarterback, stupid. But if the Bulldogs are supposed to be concerned about who will call the signals when they open up against Louisiana-Monroe, someone forgot to tell their head coach and at least one of the veteran offensive line starters who will guard the guy.

"I'm not really too worried about it" deadpanned senior offensive tackle Kolton Houston. "It's going to take care of itself. One of those guys is going to pull away before that first game, and that guy will be the best choice. Whoever that is? Doesn't matter." he continued. "It could be the ball boy. Somebody's going to be able to play that position, and be the best at it, and whoever it is we'll be ready to go."

What if it's a guy who's not even a part of the program yet (like, for example, former Virginia starter and Jesup native Greyson Lambert)? "The more competition the better. If we can add another player to the mix the more the better."

And the head Bulldog isn't much less blasé, albeit a little more cagey, seeming to indicate that things are pretty much progressing according to plan. "We went into spring with a pretty set plan of how we wanted to rotate the QBs, and we stayed pretty true to that. We haven't decided exactly how that's going to go in the fall, but the closer we get to the game the more apt we are to name a starter. We could still have two [players competing for the starting job] rolling into that last week."

When asked about Lambert by name Richt pled NCAA recruiting rules. But he did have this to say about his current QB race:

"Three is a small number. At any position if you've got guys who are interested in your school you spend time with them, talk to them, and see if it's a good fit. Everybody's got to compete for the job."

In other words, everybody seems confident that just like when Hutson Mason took over (and Aaron Murray before him) things will generally work out as they should. And in the longterm they're probably right. Still, the prospect of going into the opening week of the season with no clear starter, and even the possibility of a transfer starter who isn't on campus yet, is worrisome. It would be more worrisome in the absence of Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Keith Marshall, and arguably the top offensive line in the SEC. But still, no matter who he is, Georgia's probably about to start its least experienced quarterback since 2010. What could possibly go wrong? Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!