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Why Bubba Watson Is The Most Hated Man On Tour

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

You may recall several weeks back reading a story about a relatively unscientific poll which found that Bubba Watson is the PGA Tour golfer other pros would be least likely to help in a parking lot fight. Obviously there's some room for interpretation of what that means exactly. I, for example, would be least likely to assist Mr. Sanchez from among Dawg Sports staffers in a parking lot fight because he's 6'8, weighs 350 pounds, and opens beer bottles with his eyelids before hitting nuns over the head with them*. In other words, there are shades of shades.

But in his new book Slaying The Tiger, Shane Ryan leaves nothing to the imagination regarding Bubba's divisive personality. Today he gave a preview of the book on which is painfully unflinching. Of particular interest to 'Dawg fans will be the section on Watson's relationship with the phalanx of fellow Georgia golfers on tour. For example:

Even after winning the green jacket, his behavior remained frosty to outsiders. And to Bubba Watson, almost everyone is an outsider. That includes the other Georgia Bulldogs on Tour, five of whom won tournaments in 2014. Their relationship with Bubba is strained to the point of antipathy. When I asked Brian Harman if Bubba was connected to the other Georgia alums, he could only laugh.
“He’s not, man,” he said, shaking his head. “He’s just not. It’s unfortunate, because we all come from the same Georgia family.

It's a tough, but not necessarily unfair, look at the prickly former Bulldog, and the things that drive him. Check it out.

*To be fair, the nuns had it coming.