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Dawg Sports Wants To Know: Who You Got?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often we here at Dawg Sports like to poll the readership on pressing issues in Bulldog Nation. And what issue could be more pressing than the question of who will be starting under center when the Red and Black open the college football season in a few short weeks against Louisiana-Monroe?

How about "Who will be under center when the Bulldogs take on the Florida Gators along the banks of the St. John on Halloween?" It's a subtly different query this morning, with some variables. Do you believe Richt and Schottenheimer will start the season playing two guys but settle on one by the meat of the SEC schedule? Do you believe the player who gets the first crack at the job will eventually give way to someone else? As always, feel free to give some color to your answer in the comments below, and....

Go 'Dawgs!!!