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Todd Gurley To Wear #30 For Rams, Officially Off The Stacy Family Christmas Card List.

You said pls. So here's some Tud.
You said pls. So here's some Tud.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Gurley will apparently be wearing #30 when he hits the field for the St. Louis Rams (or Los Angeles Rams, depending on how fast the NFL announces what they've clearly already told their IT folks). That will be easy for Georgia fans to remember since, like an Athens coed walking around North Avenue, it's just the same sleek number you've grown to love, just now being followed around by a zero.

The number won't be that hard for former Vanderbilt and Rams tailback Zac Stacy to remember either, because it's the number Stacey wore last season. Before tweeting ominously as soon as Gurley was picked. And before he was shipped to the Jets.

No word yet on if Todd gets Stacey's locker, parking space, or intrepid German pointer Sigfried. But I'm betting the answer is yes.