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Damian Swann Goes Marching To The Saints

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia notched its fourth selection in the 2015 draft a few moments ago when the New Orleans Saints made former Grady High standout Damian Swann the 167th overall selection.

Damian Swann was but one of several perennial fixtures on the Bulldog defense over the last few seasons. But he was literally the only true constant in the Red and Black defensive secondary over the course of the Todd Grantham/Jeremy Pruitt transition. Swann started all 14 games of the 2012 season, all 13 of the 2013 season, and 12 of 13 games in 2014. In 2014 he was named second team All-SEC.

From a scouting perspective, Swann's game does have some holes. For one he has trouble in man coverage where he fights a tendency to give up too much cushion then attempt to break on the ball. While his recovery skills are pretty good, they aren't always enough. But Swann does a great job high-pointing the ball, and has better than average skills both against the run and as a blitzer (largely as a result of filling the blitz-heavy "star" position in Georgia's defense). While the 6'0, 190 lb. Swann is unlikely to play full-time at safety for New Orleans, he could fill in there if necessary. He's also a tough competitor who I wouldn't bet against improving his technique and sticking on the Saints' roster long term.