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NFL Draft Day Three: Somebody Let The 'Dawgs Out

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Rounds four through seven commence at noon today with a whole lot of Georgia Bulldogs still available. SB Nation's list of the best available remaining players includes Ramik Wilson, Amarlo Herrera, Ray Drew, and Damian Swann all within the top 200 players (and thus the top 101 players still unclaimed).

All of those guys stand a strong chance of being drafted today, though precisely where is difficult to guess. Also possibly coming off the board could be David Andrews and Hutson Mason, though I personally believe Mason is more likely to join Jonathon Rumph, Michael Bennett, and Watts Dantzler as players in line to get an invite to an NFL camp as undrafted free agents.

Television coverage will kick off at noon on both ESPN and NFL Network, and you can once again stream the proceedings on Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!