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Dawg Sports Wants To Know: Your Gameday Superstition

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Sports fans are by nature creatures of habit. We sit in the same seats, year after year. We dutifully show up every Saturday in the fall, which is really just a part of a larger yearly pattern of events which mark the passing of the college football calendar.

We all have a routine. But most of us also have some quirks about watching Georgia Bulldog sporting events. And that is the subject of this morning's Dawg Sports Wants To Know. We're interested in the small (or huge) routines that you observe as part of your Bulldog fandom.

For me, if I'm watching a game at home I never sit down until things are well in hand. I wear red, black, or some combination of the two. But never put it on first thing in the morning. Instead I wait until either safely inside the Athens perimeter, or within one hour of kickoff if viewing remotely. Why? Because I got up and threw on my Gameday gear immediately several times during the 2010 season, and those games turned out badly. This is science people. Observation of correlation in time and proximity. It may not be causation, but I'm still not risking it.

So what about you? What are your game day rituals which, to the outside observer, are just a little silly (or grounds for a psych eval)? Until later...

Go 'Dawgs!!!