2015 NCAA Tennis Tourney -- On to Waco

Regionals (first and second rounds) are complete. 64 have been winnowed down to 16 (with respect to each of the men's and women's tourneys). The round of 16 (and subsequent rounds) take place over the next 6 days (Thursday -- Tuesday) in Waco. And our Dawgs are there. Pertinent particulars:

1. #8 MTEN Dawgs will face #9 Texas Thursday morning at 10. #6 WTEN Dawgs will face #11 Michigan Friday afternoon at 1.

2. Baylor website has all the good info, including live scoring and video.

3. Lots of rain in Waco lately. Hope that will not disrupt the schedule.

4. Here are current men's and women's brackets.

5. College Tennis Today blog has a good preview of the MTEN Dawgs-Texas match.

6. As we move forward, I will drop in a few updates in the comments to this post (rather than creating new posts).

Looking forward to another edition of one of the great college sports events. GoDawgs!

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