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Passings: Jimmy Womack

Former Bulldog fullback Jimmy Womack, a key member of the 1980 National Championship team, passed away earlier today following post-surgical complications.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Womack was undersized for a fullback - certainly by today's standards.  I just now dusted off an old program from 1979 to reminisce a bit and saw where he was generously listed at 5' 10", 205 lbs.  In reality, he was slightly shorter and a few pounds lighter than the "official" word, but it didn't matter:  Jimmy Womack had the heart of, well...a Dawg and would promptly knock anyone - regardless of size - who got in his way squarely on their hind-parts.  Every now and then, Vince Dooley would call upon the Warner Robins High product to gain the tough yardage on a simple fullback trap or similar.  He could burst into the second level and surprise the defense, but his forte was blocking. He would often line up to return and defend kickoffs.  Womack would do whatever was asked of him and he did it well.

For all the success Herschel Walker achieved during his freshman campaign in 1980, the blocks that paved the way towards the goal-line and 6-point glory often came courtesy of Jimmy Womack (#25) and his stablemate Ronnie Stewart (#33).  In this clip from the 1981 Sugar Bowl (queue it up to about the 35:58 mark), both are in the backfield with Herschel - who takes a toss sweep to the right.  Womack absolutely plants the Notre Dame defender and thus clears the way for Herschel to score what would be the final points and margin of victory in the SuperDome.

Georgia has a long, rich tradition of great fullbacks.  When the discussion turns to this position that is becoming increasingly rare in today's college game, Womack has to be mentioned among the best to have ever played it.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Jimmy Womack.